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Hey, guys! Forget about the drudgery of high school foreign-language classes! Those torture sessions are over! I use all types of resources on the internet to assist with language learning, as well as fun language games such as Jeopardy and Password adapted to language learners!

I have learned four languages using this method, and if I can, you can too! I can help you to improve your conversational skills and fluency in English. Also, I do mock job interviews and role-playing, so that you can be ready to kick ass! Need help writing your CV in English? Let’s talk!

I’m very familiar with both English and Brazilian Portuguese phonetics, so I’ll be glad to help you to improve your listening and speaking skills. Besides that, I’m an excellent writer and have been writing comic short stories in English, Portuguese and Spanish for several years. My students say that I’m a fun, easy-going person to chat with!

Having taught myself English through immersion in American culture, I know the slang, the everyday language, and I can guide you as to how Americans and Brazilians actually talk. Grammar? I can help there too!. I’m continually perfecting my fluency in those three languages, plus Italian, talking with native speakers every day.

To be the most benefit to you, our lessons should be mostly in the language you’re learning, but I can speak and understand you in these other languages if we need to. Let’s talk about how I can help you reach your objectives for learning English or Portuguese! See you soon!



Skype: ananda.morelli

Learn Languages with Ananda Morelli

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